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Who is our client

Genap a Dutch company that manufactures, sells and distributes flexible water storage solutions that include storage silos/tanks and liners for lagoons, basins and dams in the Netherlands and across the world. Genap has been established since 1951 and is based in ‘s-Heerenb in the Netherlands and employs over 70 staff. Genap works with several distributors across 50 countries globally to make their products available in respective markets. Genap reported an annual turnover of around 17 million Euros in 2019. Together with its partner Water Forever International, who provides prepaid water ATMs, they will propose a combined solution to Water Service Providers in Kenya to increase access to water 24/7 and improve the financial viability of water supply.

Funding objective

To support Kenyan Water Service Providers (WSPs) in increasing and improving the access of safe water for drinking and hygiene purposes to primarily prevent the spread of COVID-19 by the use of water storage tanks in combination with prepaid water ATMs.

Why we fund this project

The FMO’s co-funds will support Kenyan water service providers with the implementation of the feasibility pilot project, using Dutch solutions, to respond effectively to COVID-19 and to structurally expand and improve their service delivery. At the same time, it offers the two Dutch companies Genap and Water Forever International the opportunity to showcase their technologies; affordable, durable, modular and scalable solutions in Kenya and for the wider East-African market.

Environmental and social rationale

E&S risk Category is B. Minimal construction works are expected in setting up the water storage tanks and ATM water taps (e.g. laying of water flow pipes, installing pumping machines and filtration systems, assemblage/installation of storage tanks, etc.). Mainly IFC PS 2, 4 and 5 are potentially triggered. Genap is to ensure that an ESMS is in place at the level of project partners and local water service providers (WSPs) to particularly address labour and social issues. Genap is to ensure that the water quality from the ATMs are in line with national water quality standards and that WSPs have the required water abstraction permits from Kenyan National Environment Management Authority (NEMA). Genap is to also ensure that no involuntary resettlement land dispute or economic displacement (minor or major) of communities will arise from the use of lands for installing/mounting water tanks and ATM taps. Genap already operates under an ISO 9001 quality management system certification and will assign some capacity dedicated to quality and E&S aspects for the project.

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