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Who is our client

AgriPlace B.V. is a cloud platform organization enabling effective compliance program management and communication between all actors in the supply chain. It aims at supporting smallholder farmers in emerging markets with certification requirements and compliance needed to sell their produce to European importers of organic products. At the same time, AgriPlace offers traders a solution for a transparent supply chain from field to retailer.

Funding objective

AgriPlace is one of the five winners of the Finture Solutions Challenge 2020. They won a repayable development contribution of EUR 125,000 and are using it to develop a remote auditing module for their platform and a network functionality to enable smallholder visibility.

Why we fund this project

The product supports smallholder farmers in their certification efforts and provides access to European importers of organic produce. It reduces the costs and complexity of certification for the farmers. This has a positive effect on the livelihoods of smallholders and their families.

Environmental and social rationale

The risk category is C. No IFC Performance Standards are triggered. Certification is an effective and efficient way to ascertain that suppliers meet sustainability standards. The technology that AgriPlace provides contributes to making it easier for auditors to conduct their due diligence for certifications. It may create inclusiveness as more suppliers that would otherwise not be identified may enter the scope of the food/retail /wholesale industry. Authenticity of the documentation is assured by the auditors which in turn are accredited by independent certification bodies. Main risk identified is linked to breaching customer data privacy and AgriPlace emphasizes that any such data breach would pose a significant reputational risk vis-a-vis their clients and financiers. The company is compliant with EU GDPR which is regularly audited. This requirement is embedded in the agreement with FMO.

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