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Who is our client

Delft Imaging Systems BV is specialised in medical solutions to help screen for the lung disease tuberculosis which still kills 1.6 million people every year. Its portfolio of solutions includes a range of X-ray systems, mobile clinics and artificial intelligence software. In 2016, Delft Imaging opened a branch office in Accra, Ghana and in 2018 in Johannesburg, South Africa. To date, Delft Imaging is active in over 40 different countries and has screened more than 6 million people for tuberculosis.

Funding objective

We support Delft Imaging to implement a cloud-based artificial intelligence tool for the detection of COVID-19 cases, CAD4COVID. The CAD4COVID module analyses a standard chest X-ray image and has been developed with the intention to support the triage of potential COVID-19 cases in resource-constrained settings.

Why we fund this project

Enhanced testing for COVID-19 supports avoiding the further spreading of the pandemic. The patients which were positively tested can be isolated and/or treated, depending on the severity and symptoms. The CAD4COVID solution is an innovation which enhances locally installed, existing technology. Artificial intelligence is reducing the need for trained radiologists which is important in general in a low resource setting, but even more in times of a pandemic.

Environmental and social rationale

Preliminary E&S categorization is C. The technological solution serves a very urgent need for identifying COVID-19. The new technology itself is not increasing the environmental and social risk directly. The business activity itself has minimal or no adverse E&S impact. As a condition, the client will confirm that: - CE Certification is obtained prior to contracting, - the technology is sufficiently tested and verified by an independent party, - there is a client screening policy in place to select clients based on (i) the assessment and presence of EHS, OHS as well as (ii) procedures and protocols to isolate and treat positive tested COVID-19 patients, taking into account WHO’s country and technical guidance on COVID-19 and (iii) a procedure to prevent the further spreading of the diseases to protect other patients and hospital staff.

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