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Who is our client

All FMO Financial Institution clients are, in principle, eligible. The specific clients that will receive support under this project remain to be identified and will be determined based on need, interest, and suitability. The contract will be with the Frankfurt School of Management, International Advisory Services (FS), which, among other things, provides consulting, training and research services within finance and development globally.

Funding objective

The proposed Capacity Development (CD) project is a continuation of the current framework agreement between the FS and FMO. The objective is to assist FI clients (initially in Africa, now globally) with risk management issues and business development.

Why we fund this project

Proper identification and handling of risks are key for the sustainability and solidity of financial institutions. FMO wish to support its clients in this area, as well as with developing new products to reach new clients, e.g. green projects, micro or rural clients, and to become more formalized and professional. Through this project selected clients will gain access to a leading consultancy in the field and be introduced to international best practices. We believe this will improve the beneficiary clients’ risk management, operational capacity, and outreach. A framework agreement is proposed because a) clients get a ready-made, yet tailored consultancy solution; b) it allows for a more efficient decision making process internally; and c) it increases the focus and awareness of risk management and the potential for CD.

More investments

Date Total FMO financing
3/11/2019 EUR 0.01 MLN
10/18/2018 EUR 0.01 MLN
3/7/2018 EUR 0.05 MLN
12/18/2017 EUR 0.00 MLN
11/14/2017 EUR 0.04 MLN
3/13/2017 EUR 0.02 MLN
12/20/2016 EUR 0.01 MLN
12/10/2015 EUR 0.10 MLN
12/10/2015 EUR 0.15 MLN
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Total FMO financing
EUR 0.02 MLN
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