Position Statement on Impact and ESG

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Position Statement on Impact and ESG for Financial Intermediaries

We kindly invite all interested parties to provide their comments and suggestions to our draft Position Statement on Impact and ESG for Financial Intermediaries. 

This public consultation is open up to June 10, 2022.

FMO is the Dutch entrepreneurial development bank. Since 1970 we have been a driving force behind investments empowering entrepreneurs in emerging markets. It is our role and mandate to create local prosperity in some of the world’s most challenging economies.

The Position Statement on Impact and ESG for Financial Intermediaries

As a Development Finance Institution (DFI), FMO considers its Financial Intermediary customers and investees key partners to create local prosperity. A healthy financial sector and accessible finance are cornerstones of a strong economy and private sector bolstering entrepreneurs, stimulating economic growth and job creation.

Through our investments in Financial Intermediaries, we reach Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and increase access to capital, support business growth and channel finance to businesses and end beneficiaries that FMO cannot directly finance in an efficient manner.

This Position Statement sets out FMO’s key considerations for its approach on impact and ESG for investments in Financial Intermediaries. It clarifies how the Sustainability Policy translates to our investments in Financial Intermediaries, how we select our financial sector investments with the objective to reach our impact ambitions, and how we work with financial intermediary customers, investees and other stakeholders to create value at the institutional and sectoral level. Note that this Position Statement is complementary to our Position Statement on Human Rights which was published in 2017.


Click here to download the draft ‘Position Statement on Impact and ESG for Financial Intermediaries’ (pdf). Please submit your feedback in writing at consultation@fmo.nl before 11 June 2022. You will receive confirmation of receipt. 

What are Position Statements

Position Statements are an integral part of the FMO Sustainability Policy Framework that is steering FMO’s activities. Position Statements explain FMO’s choices in relation to major global sustainability issues and describe how we select investments, work with our customers and other stakeholders, and monitor performance. They reflect our objective to apply the highest possible standard of ethics and integrity to our business activities. Position Statements are reviewed regularly to decide on revisions or updates.