FMO and COVID-19


FMO and the COVID-19 pandemic

Learn how we are working to support our clients and partners to manage the impact of the global pandemic.

FMO is providing support to clients and partners that are suffering from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is precisely now, during these times of crisis, that it is important to continue to invest in developing economies which are expected to be hit hard by the pandemic. On top of that, these economies suffer from record-breaking capital outflows. This means that, while local governments are working hard to minimize the impact on their people and economies, we are needed now more than ever. Hence, we continue to support entrepreneurs in developing economies to build a better world and boost resilience post-corona.

We are in close contact with our clients all over the world. To understand how they have been or expect to be impacted by the pandemic, and to hear how we can help them deal with the situation we are all in.

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Our COVID-19 response package

We are helping our clients ensure business continuity and increase their economic resilience. To this end, we provide a combination of financial and non-financial assistance. In terms of financial support we aim to provide liquidity support, capital and guarantees.

To ensure the longevity and impact of FMO’s financial support, we have prepared a strategic response package with non-financial support. The package, which encompasses three pillars, has been designed to ensure our clients can continue serving vulnerable client segments and vital economic sectors. The three pillars include:

  1. Remote advisory services, covering crisis management, business continuity counseling and leadership coaching;
  2. A learning & exchange platform to bring together clients in webinars;
  3. Emergency grants

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