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Doing Makes the Difference

We are FMO. The Dutch entrepreneurial development bank. We don’t have a wish list, we have a 'to-do' list. 

We invest where we consider the needs as most urgent. Where our involvement can have the greatest impact. And where risks are often too high for commercial investors. They aren’t the easiest projects, but we believe in 'doing'.

We establish new partnerships to accelerate change. Together we steer our investments towards businesses and projects that create decent work and economic growth, help to reduce inequality and fight climate change. In the end, we believe that entrepreneurs are the game-changers who drive local prosperity.

A good financial return and having a positive impact in developing countries and emerging markets can go hand-in-hand. Something we demonstrate through our approach. How? By doing. 

Doing makes the difference.

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Why invest in reforesting that takes at least 8 years to earn a return?

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Doing makes the Difference

We are the do-bank. We do not just have a wish-list, we have a to-do list. In the light of pressing global challenges we feel the urgency to 'do', to persevere and to make tough decisions to enhance local prosperity. Change is never easy, but it has to happen.

Local for local production

Why invest in a complex and high-risk industry that has failed in the past? FMO’s client Yalelo is a sustainable tilapia farm in Zambia. Its activities cover the whole value chain, from breeding and feed production to end-consumer distribution.

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Why guarantee loans given out by local banks to irregular migrants

Why extract  65 km3 of volatile methane gas at the bottom of a lake?

Why invest in post-disaster loans to entrepreneurs who have lost their business assets?

Why pursue the toughest climate scenario within the Paris Climate Agreement?

Why invest in a complex and high-risk industry that has failed in the past?

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Why lobby for five years to invest in the most hazardous sector in Bagladesh?