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Sector expertise

Sustainable access to finance, energy and food supplies are crucial to economic economic and social progress. FMO therefore focuses on the sectors that we believe have the highest long-term development impact: Financial Institutions, Energy and Agribusiness, Food & Water.

FMO also supports businesses in other non-focus sectors that demonstrate create sustainable positive environmental, social and economic impact. When investing in these sectors, we team up with our global network to complement our expertise.

FMO’s investments encompass various needs – including the skills, knowledge and processes that drive businesses forward.

Investing in people

FMO believes that by enhancing capacities in the private sector, fledgling initiatives can become successful, sustainable enterprises – with greater development impact.

But businesses in developing markets not only face limited access to traditional funding – their funding is also limited for training, skills development and other areas of knowledge.

We answer to this need with the ‘Capacity Development’ program, which we run partly on FMO budget and partly on behalf of the Dutch government.

Access to resources

The program provides clients with financial support for realizing their internal business endeavors in areas such as:

  • Management development
  • Organisational development
  • Corporate governance
  • Environmental and social performance
  • Product development

Identifying and fulfilling needs

The need for Capacity Development support is often identified and assessed by those who know our clients best – our investment officers. Our Capacity Development team then creates a package to complement our  investment financing.

Strong requirements are defined for participation, including where improvements are expected and how development outcome and impact will be measured.

The FMO Capacity Development program can provide up to 50% of the funding budget, for a project or program, with beneficiaries co-financing the rest.

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Sector Expertise

Financial institutions

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Agribusiness, food & water

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Diverse sectors

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