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About us

FMO is the Dutch development bank. We believe in a world in 2050 in which nine billion people live well and within the planet's resources. In pursuit of this vision, FMO finances entrepreneurs from developing countries because we believe a thriving, sustainable private sector fuels economic and social progress. Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs to build a better world.

 We empower entrepreneurs to build a better world.

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About Us


FMO offers entrepreneurs in developing countries access to financial services and expertise that enable them to grow their businesses and drive sustainable development. more


FMO is only as good as its clients. In this section you can find the latest on our financials, funding and ratings. more

Our footprint

We strive to create impact while shrinking our footprint. In this section you can read about the measures we take to limit our environmental impact. more


In this section you can find all our reports, including financial, annual and evaluation reports more

Networks & associations

FMO is a member of multiple national and international associations, through which we closely monitor and engage with developments in the field of responsible finance. more

investor relations

FMO is one of the world's largest bilateral developmental financial institutions, providing financing solutions for private companies. more