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Diverse Sectors

Initiatives from other sectors that promise sustainable impact can also benefit from FMO’s services, expertise and global network.

Strong impact potential

Job creation is crucial in countries where poverty and inequity continue to prevent development. But many entrepreneurs from a broad range of sectors still cannot obtain the financing needed to grow their businesses and create these jobs.

Such initiatives deserve investment. Not only can they stimulate local employment, they can also fuel a macro-economy – benefitting suppliers, contractors, and investors alike.

Joining forces

FMO goes beyond the scope of its sector range to find ways to support businesses with strong impact potential. Outside of our focus sectors, we can complement our own experience and expertise by teaming up with partners from our local and global network.

Together, we can take your business or project forward by:

  • Inspiring and mobilizing other commercial and institutional financers who normally would not consider higher risk markets.
  • Adding value by combining our market expertise with our international network to support your business.
  • Advising on where to incorporate sustainable business models that will help you achieve long-term viability while making a positive impact.

 Frontier markets

FMO is active in a diverse range of frontier markets, including:

  • Infrastructure – such as telecommunications, airports, roads, railways –which can play a vital role in a country’s development.
  • Manufacturing – meeting internal consumer markets as well as fostering export.
  • Mining – which can stimulate economies and employment while re-defining business practices.

Innovative answers

FMO is prepared to match your innovative business ideas with the creativity, flexibility and abilities needed to maneuver through challenging markets and ever-changing dynamics.