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Agribusiness, Food & Water

A surging global population demands long-term accessibility to affordable food. FMO finances sustainable agribusiness companies throughout the value chain, including farming, processing and distribution operations.

Our vision

Achieving long term sustainability in global agribusiness production requires large investments targeted at improving farming practices, increasing yields and reducing waste. Food security and access to affordable nourishment are crucial in developing countries, where 60-80% of income is spent on food.

Global value chain

FMO takes a global value chain approach when investing in farming, processing and distribution – targeting bottlenecks and strengthening the weakest links.

Our clients

FMO finances companies throughout the agribusiness value chain:

  • Seeds and fertilizers
  • Primary production and farming
  • Infrastructure - storage/warehouses, irrigation
  • Commodity and food processing
  • Trade and distribution (wholesale/retail)

Clients are now largely located in Latin America and Eastern Europe. Our agribusiness portfolio will be further expanded into Africa and Asia.

Long term partnership

FMO aspires to be a long term partner to its clients. We bring sector expertise and a broad network. We promote innovation and training. And we assist our clients to adopt and promote international standards in their value chain.

Making a difference

FMO's focus on sustainable agribusiness offers investment opportunities with a high development impact. We add value to our clients’ business by promoting:

  • good corporate governance and risk management systems
  • financial inclusion for SME's and small holders 
  • labor conditions and environmental improvements